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Add Staff Member with Access to Multiple Databases
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If your organization manages multiple databases, you can easily setup credentials for staff that will allow them to switch from one database to another.



IMPORTANT: One staff member must have Administrative access to any/all of the databases to perform these steps.



  1. Setup login credentials for all staff in your primary database, as described in Add Staff Member.
  2. Add all staff members as Individual contacts in each of the additional databases. See Add New Contact - Individual. Enter the staff user first and last names, along with email address. This should be the same as the names and email addresses entered in the primary database.
  3. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  4. Click Staff Setup in the Staff and User Access section. This will open on the Staff Users tab.
  5. Click the Add button.
  6. This will open the Add/Edit Staff User window. Enable the Advanced Options check-box.
  7. In the Staff login from another tenant text-box, enter the user name that was configured in the primary database. The system will try to match the username; select the appropriate login from the dropdown. If the contact exists in your database the system will automatically populate the First/Last Name fields. If you have not added the contact - return to step 2 and add the staff member as a contact.
  8. Enable the Is Active checkbox.
  9. Enter the Primary Contact / Password Reset Email. This should be the email address that you entered for the individual contact, as well as the email address associated to this staff member in the primary database.
  10. Select the Access Level that the staff member will have to this database. NOTE: Access level may differ from one database to another.
  11. Click Done. This will immediately enable the staff login for this database.

If you forget to click the Is Active checkbox, the user will show up in your staff list as Not Active, and there will be a curved arrow icon  .


Click the curved arrow icon  and the Enable Login window will appear.


Click OK to enable the login. This will immediately enable the staff login for this database.


NOTE: If changes are made to passwords, or staff members are disabled/deleted, these changes impact access to all databases.


Staff members with multiple access will be able to switch from one account to another by clicking into their name and choosing Switch Account. See Switch from One Database to Another for further instructions. 


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