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Attach emails to contacts/projects with the Outlook Add-on
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IMPORTANT! If you have previously been using the Outlook Add-On, as of 10/26/2022 you will need to uninstall/reinstall the Add-On due to recent code updates.

This functionality will allow you to attach the communication to the original recipient(s) and sender. Additionally, you can select contacts from your database (or create new contacts) who may not have been initial recipient(s)/sender of the email. You can also attach the communication to your existing projects, or create a new project to which the communication can be associated.


  1. In Outlook, open the email that you wish to attach to a contact/project.

  2. Click the Attach icon located on far right in the menu bar.

  3. In the Contact(s) section, a list of the to/from contacts of the email will be listed. To attach the initial recipient(s)/sender of the email:
    • By default all contacts are selected, which would result in the communication being attached to all. You can deselect any of the to/from contacts if you do not wish to attach to their communication log.
    • If the email address is associated to a Contact in your database, the name of the contact will be displayed in the last column.
    In the example below, the system was able to match the first email to a contact, but not to the others.


    • If there are multiple contacts associated to the same email address, --select Contact-- will be displayed. Double-click on --select Contact-- to select the appropriate contact name. In the example below, multiple contacts were associated to the email address.


    • If there are no matching contacts in the database, no selections will be available when clicking --select Contact--. If you wish to add the contact to your database, click the Add button adjacent to the appropriate row. The Add Contact dialog box will be displayed. Enter contact information, and click Save.

  4. Attaching the communication to other contacts (not the original recipient(s)/sender of the email: Begin typing the name of the contact in the Additional Contacts text box. A list of contacts matching your text will be displayed. Select the desired contact and click the Add to List button.

    • If no match is found in your database to the information you have typed in the Additional Contacts text box, you may add a new contact to the database by clicking the Create New Contact button.
  5. Select a communication Category. This is optional, but allows you to classify your communications for ease in filtering and reporting.
  6. Attaching the communication to a Project: If you are using the GrowthZone Projects module, you can also attach communications to projects. Begin typing the name of the project in the Projects text box. A list of projects matching your text will display. Select the desired project. If the project to which you wish to attach the communication does not exist, you can add a new project by clicking the Add button.
  7. Click Attach.
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