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Change Recurring Billing Frequency
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At times your members may which to change their billing frequency, perhaps from an annual frequency to a monthly. You can do this prior to renewal OR if the member contacts you after renewal invoice has been received you can also update the frequency for the current renewal.  


Change Billing from Annual to Monthly (or other desired frequency) prior to Renewal

Prior to renewal, your members may reach out requesting a change to their billing frequency. To change billing frequency:  

  1. On the member's Profile tab, click the   icon for the membership you wish to adjust.
  2. Click Adjust Membership.

  3. Select the desired Frequency. Verify that the next bill date reflects the desired start of the new frequency.
  4. Click Done.


Change Billing from Annual to Monthly (or other desired frequency) after Renewal invoice has been created

If a member has received their renewal invoice and wishes to change to a different frequency you will first need to write off the original invoice, then adjust the membership to the desired frequency:

  1. Write off the original renewal invoice.
  2. Adjust the membership: On the member's Profile tab, click the  icon for the desired membership the Memberships section.
  3. Select the desired frequency from the Frequency list. 

  4. Change the Next Bill Date to the desired date to begin charging at this frequency.  This will indicate the date that billing at this frequency should begin, and will be reflected on the Billing tab. For Example: If this new frequency is to replace an annual frequency beginning at current renewal, change the Next Bill Date to the renewal date.
  5. Click Done.


A note indicating that the membership was adjusted will automatically be logged on the Communication tab. Additionally, when an adjustment is made the old billing scheduled will be ended, and a new billing schedule started. This is visible on the contact's Billing tab.


Did you know.. If you are using GrowthZone Pay as your payment processor, you can enable the option for your members to make the change themselves. See Enable Auto-switch from annual to monthly





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