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Billing Overview Tab
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Within the Billing Module, an Overview tab is provided for a quick at a glance view of your finances, provides a graphical view of your open invoices, and easy access to various billing reports.


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  • The Invoices section, provides an at a glance view of the number of invoices to be emailed, printed or both. Click a numbered link to open the Pending Delivery tab to deliver the invoices. See Deliver Invoices for further instructions.
  • The Payments section provides an at a glance view of the number of payments that need to be deposited. Click the numbered link to create the deposit. See Deposits for further instructions.
  • The Open Invoices section provides a graphical view of invoices that are open as of the current date, and the total number and value of invoices. By dwelling your mouse over the graph, you will see summary information about the invoices. Click into the graph to open the Open Invoices Report. See Open Invoices Report for further details and uses of the report.


Billing overview tab billing section


  • The Reports section provides a list of the various billing reports available to you. The list will also include any custom reports you may have created, identified by a yellow asterisk. See Billing Reports for information on each report.
  • The Best Practices & White Papers section will provide you with information on best practices for managing your billing through the GrowthZone software. This list will grow over time, providing you with insight on managing your billing.
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