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Print an Individual Statement
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You can print a statement for an individual member from the member's Billing tab.

Getting Ready

Prior to generating statement, you will want to review and modify (as needed) the default statement template and cover letter. See View/Modify Templates for instructions


  1. For the desired contact, select the Billing tab.
  2. Click the  adjacent to Enter Check/Payment and select Print Statement.
    Contact Billing tab
  3. On the Print Contact Statement screen choose desired options:
    • Select the Document Generation Template you wish to use.
    • Select the Cover Letter you wish to use.
    • Select the invoices that you wish to include on the statement.
      Print contact Statements
  4. Click Download. Your statement will be downloaded and available to print.


You can also print statement in bulk from the Billing module. See the Print Statements article.

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