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Setup Your Terms & Conditions
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In various locations, you will be able to require acceptance of terms and conditions. Including:

  • Info Hub: The first time a member logs in, you can require that they accept terms & conditions. These are configured under Setup > Info Hub settings. 
  • Membership Application You can set your application to require Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy by going to Memberships> Applications. See View/Create Application Form for further instructions.
  • Exhibitors: When setting up an event with exhibitors, you can include terms/conditions that must be agreed to. See Manage your Exhibitors for further instructions.

Terms/Conditions can be created "on the fly" when configuring the above, or you may proactively create terms and conditions under Setup:

  1. Click Setup in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click Terms/Conditions in the Finance section (all terms and conditions, regardless of use, "live" in this section).

  3. Click the Add button.

  4. Enter a Name that easily identifies this terms & condition set. You may create multiple terms & conditions as needed by your business processes.
  5. Description - Enter your terms & conditions. You may use the standard word-processing functions (bold, italics, etc.) as well as add links and images. If you choose, the terms & conditions may be displayed on the Membership Application Form.
  6. Click Done.
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