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Add Individual Custom Fields to your Event Registration Page
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Over time, you may be collecting the same information from your event registrants. For example, for each of your events, you may ask for dietary restrictions. By creating these custom fields as Individual custom fields, the responses provided can be stored in your database, associated with the appropriate contact. In future event registrations, this field will automatically populate, so the registrant only need fill in the answer if they wish to change it.



NOTE: You must select "Enable Individual Custom Fields on Registration Form" in Event Settings to access Individual Custom Fields in the Existing Custom Field dropdown. This option is available for those using Events Registration Version 2.


Pre-requisite: Create your Individual Custom Field(s). See Custom Fields for instruction.

  1. For the desired event, click the Attendee Setup tab and scroll down to the Custom Fields section. Click the plus icon  to add a field.
  2. Select the desired custom field from the Existing Custom Fields. Individual Custom Fields will have Individuals in front of the field name. NOTE: You cannot edit an Existing Custom Field.
    Adding an Existing Individual Custom Field to an event registration
  3. To include the field on your registration form, enable the Show on Event Registration checkbox.
  4. If staff is required to complete this field when registering someone from the back-office, click the Is Required for Staff check-box.
  5. Click Done.


NOTE: We suggest that you carefully think about the information you are collecting through these fields. Any data that's already set on the fields will populate on the registration form if an attendee is matched to a contact. This means that existing data in the field will be visible to anyone who enters that person's email address. Generally, this feature should only be used for information that doesn't change over time (e.g., whether a person uses left or right-handed golf clubs, dietary restrictions, etc...) If the field is used for personal or identifying information (e.g., a birthdate), we suggest having member registrations require a log-in to receive member pricing. If the field is for less personal information, that isn't necessary.
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