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Event Management FAQ
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How can I change the way fees are displayed on invoices? Click here.


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How can I setup my fees so that I can defer revenue revenue recognition to the date the event starts?

  1. Select Setup.
  2. Click Fee Items in the Services, Products and Commerce section.
  3. Click New.

Setup your fee items for the event as you normally would (Click Here for full details of setting up fee items) , with specific configuration of:

  • Revenue Recognition Type: This setting allows you to configure when the revenue will be recognized. Select Fully on Event Start Date to defer revenue recognition until the start date of the event.
  • Deferred Income Account: This option will appear after you select the "Fully on Start Date" option noted above. Select the deferred income account for this good/service. The drop-down list will be populated with the deferred income accounts configured in your Chart of Accounts. If you have chosen to defer the revenue for this event to a specific point in time, the revenue will be held in the deferred income account until that point in time.
    Setting up a fee item for deferred recognition on an event start date

With this fee item, as registration fees are processed, the revenue will be placed in the deferred income account selected for the fee item. On the day of the event, the revenue will be moved to the income account you selected for the fee item. Income in the deferred revenue account can be monitored by running the Accounting Transaction Report or the Sales by Account ReportClick Here to view reports.

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