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Add Questions to a Form or Survey
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  1. In the Forms module, click the name of the form you are editing. This will open the Edit Form Questions window.
  2. Click the Add New Question/Field button.
  3. In the Add Form Custom Field window, enter the following:
    • Use an Existing Database Field: You may use fields that have previously been set up in the database. If you use a Form type field, that information will pre-populate in the form if the user's information is able to be matched. If you wish responses to this question to be tied back to the individuals' contact information, select existing database fields created for individuals.
      • NOTE: If you select an existing database field, the options to enter a Name, Field Type, and Characters Allowed are not editable; this is because you cannot change these field properties when using an existing database field.
    • Name: Enter in the name/question. This should be entered as you would like to see it on the form/survey.
    • Description or Instructions: Enter details that should be included with the field on the form
    • Field Type: Select the type of data expected as a response to this question. See Specialized Field Types for Forms for field type options.
    • Characters Allowed: If you have selected a Text data type, enter the number of characters that will be accepted in the field. Leave blank if there is not a limit.
    • Field Options
      • Public - Select this check-box if this field will be viewable outside of the backoffice view of the system.
      • Required - Select this check-box if the field is required in the form/survey. If there are fields that your staff will answer after the form has been submitted, do not select required. This will, essentially, provide you with a for office use only field. For Example: You may have a form that determines eligibility of a respondent, a staff only field called Eligible could be configured.
      • Archived - If this field is no longer being used on a form but the information needs to be maintained in the back office, check the box.
  4. (Optional) Enable the Advanced Options checkbox:
    • Section Name: Select the section within which you would like this custom field displayed. See Add Sections to a Form for information on configuring sections.
    • Page Number: Select the page number on the form which you would like this field displayed.


      DID YOU KNOW? If the page you are directing to is the next page in the form- for example, the question is on page 1, and answer A goes to page 2 and answer B goes to page 3- select "Continue" in the dropdown for answer A, as page 2 is the logical progression from page 1. Answer B would be able to select "Go to Page #3".


    • Field Name from 3rd Party Application: If you have configured your survey to receive responses from a third party form/survey, enter the field from the third party survey that will be used to populated this field. For example, if you have created a field called Title in your survey, and the field in the third party software is Position, enter the word Position in this field.
    • External Data Source API URL: This option allows you to point to a list of the needed responses to the question. For example, if an FTC Code is needed, rather than using a drop-down list and manually populating all of the possible responses (which takes time, and introduces room for error), you can enter the needed API URL, which will point to the list of responses. NOTE: When using an External Data Source API, the Key Field Name field ties the list to the custom field in your survey. For further information on the use of an external data source, contact GrowthZone support.
  5. Click Done.
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