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Store Credit Cards in Info Hub
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With GrowthZone Pay implementation, your members may easily store their credit cards and/or bank account information via the Info Hub.


Did you know? Credit cards are stored at the Processor (Stripe) and are NOT stored on GrowthZone servers.


IMPORTANT: The option to store credit cards will only be displayed if Allow Stored Payment Profiles is enabled. See Setup GrowthZone Pay for further details.


  1. Click My Billing Info in the left Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Autopay & Billing tab.
    The Autopay & Billing tab in the My Billing Info section of the Info Hub
  3. Click the   icon in the Payment Profiles section.
    Adding a credit card to the payment profiles in the Info Hub
    • Associate With: This setting allows you to define whether the profile is associated to the user or the organization. By default the name of the user logged into the Info Hub will be displayed. NOTE: If you associate a credit card to the organization, ALL RELATED CONTACTS will have access to that card to make payments.
    • Payment Profile Type: Select Credit Card
    • Enter all required credit card and address information.
  4. Click Done.


The credit card is now available to the user/organization for payment of bills through the Info Hub, when registering for events, purchasing from the store, etc. Additionally, the credit card is available in the back-office for payment of bills and setting up automated payments.

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