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Add a Testimonial in the Info Hub
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Members may add testimonials via the Info Hub. NOTE: Members must have at a minimum Create access to add testimonials.


NOTE: If you have renamed Testimonials to your specific terminology, your custom terminology is displayed. The instructions below use the system terminology.


  1. Click Testimonials in the left-hand navigation panel. 
  2. Click the Add button in the right hand corner.
  3. Configure the following:
    • Contact: The contact will default to the member currently logged into the Info Hub. If applicable a related organization can be selected from the drop-down list.
    • Content Status: Status will default to Draft. Once the testimonial is saved, the system will automatically update the status to pending approval. Once approved by staff, the status will be updated to Approved. Once approved, the testimonial will be displayed within the Info Hub, and on your public web-site if applicable.
    • Title: Enter a title. The title is displayed in the testimonial search, and on the testimonial details page.
    • Tags: Add tags to enable filtering and searching.
    • Description - Provide a description. This is the actual testimonial.
    • Search Description: The search description is displayed on the testimonial search page within the Info Hub, and on your public web-page if applicable.
    • Publish Start: Enter the date the testimonial should start to be published to your sites.
    • Publish End: Enter the end date for the testimonial to be published. Note: the Web Content Pre Expiration Notice automated email will be sent to the contact three days prior to the Publish End. Within the email will be a link, that will take them to the Info Hub where they could update the testimonial publication end date.
    • Category: Select a category(s) from the list. Categories provide a way to report, search and filter testimonials. Click here for details on setting up categories.
    • Custom Fields: If custom fields have been setup for testimonials, complete the required information. For Example: Please enter number of years of membership is a default custom field included for testimonials.
  4. Search Results Image: Click the pencil icon to drag & drop or upload a search result image. This image is displayed on the testimonial main page.
  5. Click Done to save the testimonial.
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