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Creating a New Workflow
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Before creating a workflow, be sure to complete the prerequisites

  • For each workflow, you will need to create the desired email templates to be used in your campaign. See Create and Manage Email Templates.
  • For each workflow, you will need to specify/create the desired lists/committees as needed. See Lists/Committees.


Create a New Workflow

  1. Click Marketing Automation in the left-hand navigation panel. A list of all current workflows will be displayed. To create a new workflow, click the Add Workflow button.
  2. In the Add Workflow window, configure the following:
    • Name: Enter a name for the workflow. This is an internal name not displayed to the public.
    • Description: Enter a description of this workflow. This is optional. This is an internal name not displayed to the public.
    • Schedule: The schedule option allows you to define which hours of the day the system will check to see if a contact needs to be moved to the next step in the work-flow process. Enable Weekdays Only if you wish for workflow tasks to only be performed on weekdays. Enter Start Time and Not After time to restrict workflow tasks to certain times. For Example, you may wish for emails only to be sent on weekdays between 10am - 4pm.
    • Sources:
      • Lists/Committees are used for workflows. Click the blue plus icon   to select the desired Lists/Committees that you wish to include in this workflow. 
        • NOTE: The workflow will not send emails until it is activated. The date the workflow is activated will be the date the system uses to determine the initial send of any emails. As long as the workflow is active, any new contacts will then be dropped into the workflow on the date they are added to the list.
        • NOTE: The contact must remain in the list/committee for them to remain in the workflow. If the contact is removed from the list/committee, they will also be removed from the workflow and marked as an "Opt out" (exit from the workflow).
        • See Update Contacts in Lists/Committees From Report Results for further details.
      • Auto Remove From Workflow: Select this option if you wish the entire list/committee to be removed from the workflow after all steps are completed.
    • Click Done.


Did you know: You can use a smart list to feed new members into a Marketing Automation workflow! Find the report you wish to use, get it set up to pull the contacts you wish to email, and save the report. Then add the contacts to a list (or create a new one from the report "Add to List" option), enter the saved report, and use that list as a base for your Marketing Automation workflow!


Once you have completed the initial setup of your workflow, you will add steps to your workflow.

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