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Integrating with an Existing Form
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IMPORTANT: To use the "Integrate with Existing Form" option, you MUST have the Forms/Surveys module.


When connecting your Landing Page form to an existing GrowthZone Form, there are a few things to setup prior:


  • Your GrowthZone Form needs to have “Accept User Responses via 3rd Party Source” enabled (under the advanced options checkbox)
  • Ensure the same fields/questions exist in both places (your GrowthZone Form and the Landing Page Form).
  • The fields/questions should have the same names as well. Meaning the “Field Name” entered in the landing page form question AND the “Field Name from 3rd Party Application” entered in the GZ Form Question (under the advanced options checkbox) should be exactly the same.

    Landing Page field:

      Existing Form field:
  • See Create a Form/Survey for additional information on creating a form.


Once you have ensured these steps above have been completed, your landing page form submissions will be brought into the GrowthZone Forms/Surveys responses area.

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