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Add a New Individual or Agent
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You can easily add new individual contacts to your database by clicking Quick Actions in the header bar

  1. Click the Quick Actions Button in the header bar.

  2. Click Add Individual.

  3. Fill in the desired Contact Information: Only First Name and Last Name are required.
    1. General
    2. Phone, email or website - once this field is entered, a drop-down list will be displayed to select further details, such as the type of phone number. If you wish to add additional phone numbers, emails or websites, click the + button. NOTE: If you are entering a website, and the web address begins with a number, include www.. If this is not included, the website address is interpreted as a phone number.
    3. Address
    4. Business – you can associate the individual to an existing organization contact, or assign a new organization.
  4. Click Done.
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