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Billing Batch Tracking
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The Batch Tracking functionality provides you a way to verify that your batch invoices have been sent. This feature needs to be enabled under 
Setup -> Email Settings -> Turn on Invoice Tracking Beta, at the very bottom of the page beneath the Unsubscribe Message.



NOTE: Batches are tracked when invoices are delivered via the Sales/Invoices tab in the Billing module, the Pending Delivery tab in the Billing module, and the Unpaid tab in the Memberships module.


To review your batches:

  1. Click Memberships in the left-hand navigation panel
  2. Click the Batch Tracking tab.




The Batch Tracking screen will display the following information:

  • Batch ID: This can also be used in the communication report for a more detailed view of what was sent
  • Batch Name: The subject of the email sent
  • Person Who Hit Send
  • Time Stamp: When the batch was sent. 
  • Status:  Provides the number of invoices that were delivered out of how many were attempted. The system will retry any failures 10 times, then log a failure.
  • Exception: Provides a clickable icon that will open a dialog to list the contacts that did not have a successful delivery.


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