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Code of Ethics and Continuing Education
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Real Estate Edition ONLY

Webinar: Continuing Education and Code of Ethics (approx. 46 minutes) 




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If you have the Real Estate Edition of GrowthZone with the Continuing Education module, you can set up a certification and components that will automatically update a REALTOR's Code of Ethics training to NRDS/M1 when the REALTOR attends a Code of Ethics training event. For the majority of REALTOR associations, this will be a general setup; if you have more specific requirements please reach out to Support.


RECOMMENDED/BEST PRACTICE: Prior to proceeding, please check your Continuing Education General Settings and make the following changes if needed:

  • Create your certification (see step 1 below) and set it as the Default Certification.
  • Make sure that "Enroll Attendees To All Relevant Certifications" is ENABLED.
  1. Create a certification. Complete ONLY the numbered/required fields.
    1. Name: best practice is to name the certification something generic; it is a broad "bucket" to track all education components your association uses. 
    2. Description: enter something generic.
    3. Determine Completion via: set this to "Do Not Track Completion"
    4. Is Active: should be enabled by default; needs to be selected in order for the certification/components to be used.
    5. Click Done.
  2. Create components for the certification you created in step 1. Use the "Course" type.
    1. Name: Best practice is to name the component based on the type of COE course- for example, "Code of Ethics - Current Agent" or "Code of Ethics - New Agent". IMPORTANT: Due to current constraints on re-use of existing components for sync with M1, and depending on how often your agents/brokers take your classes, you may need to create components for each year or occurrence of the class. If an agent/broker attends an additional class during the cycle that is associated with a component they've already attended, their previous credit will be overwritten!
    2. Type: COEC or COEN (once you being typing, the system will present COEC and/or COEN in the dropdown to select).
    3. Is Active: should be enabled by default; needs to be selected in order for the certification/components to be used.
    4. Upon Completion: enter the number of hours or credits that are granted after completion.
    5. Component Of: this will auto-fill if you have the current certification set as default; make sure it is set to the correct certification for the component!
    6. Click Done.
  3. Repeat step 2 for additional components. You should have at least 1 of each: a COEC component and a COEN component. (See the above note about using components more than once.)
  4. STOP! Verify your settings  before proceeding!
    1. Set your certification as the Default Certification.
    2. Make sure that "Enroll Attendees To All Relevant Certifications" is ENABLED.
  5. Add the desired component to the event.
    1. Create/open the class/event for the Code of Ethics training.
    2. On the Overview tab of the event, scroll down to the Continuing Education section.
    3. Click the plus icon  to add the desired component.
      1. In the Certification Component dropdown, select the desired component. The window will populate with the details of the selected component.
      2. Click Done.
  6. Match registrants to contacts if needed.

    IMPORTANT! The COE/CE hours/credits will not apply if the registrant is not matched to a contact in your database!
  7.  Check in attendees.
    1. Use the staff app to scan the QR codes in; OR
    2. Use the staff app to check them in manually; OR 
    3. Mark them as attended.

Any of the actions that set a registrants status to "Attended" will update the Code of Ethics section on the contact's Real Estate tab and will automatically send the update to NRDS/M1.


Did You Know? If you add an attendee after an event has taken place and mark them as attended, they will still receive the credit and their NRDS/M1 will update with the date of the event as their COEC/COEN training date.


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