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Info Hub Access FAQ's
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How do assign access level to a member?

How do I send an email to member to setup their Info Hub Access? 

How can I manually setup Info Hub access for my member?

  • Follow the steps here to create an account for a member.

The member has forgotten their password, what options do I have? 

The member has forgotten their security question, what options do I have?

  • Due to security concerns GrowthZone does not store security question answers in plain text. If a member has forgotten the answer to their security question, the only solution is to delete their current Info Hub access account and have the member create a new account/login.

How can I see a member's password in the back office?

  • For security purposes, you will not be able to see a member's password in the back office

How can a member reset their user name? 

This can only be done via the Info Hub. The member can do so or you can login as the member.

A member has changed their email (due to changing employment, member rebranding, etc.) How do I update the email associated to their Info Hub account?

If an individual wants to change emails associated with their login account, the existing login account must be disabled, then deleted, then an invitation to create a new login must be sent.

Why is my member not able to perform certain functions in the Info Hub?

The functions that members can perform are dependent on the access level they have been granted.

Why is my member receiving an "The username or password you have entered is invalid" notification?

If you have expressly disabled or deleted a member's account the message will appear. If you have disabled an account, you can re-enable the account, if you have deleted the account you will need to start over with the member creating their login credentials.   

Why is my member not able to create an account from the "Create an Account" option?

The create an account option relies on the system validating the member's email address. If the member is using an email address different than the one you have recorded in the database he/she will not be able to create an account. Verify with the member that they are using the email address that you have on file.


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