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Provide Back-office access to Chapter Owners
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You may wish to allow your chapter owners to be able to view members of their chapter in the back office. By assigning specific access to the back office you can allow your chapter owners to view their contact information and generate reports of the individuals/organizations in their chapter.


IMPORTANT! In order to complete these steps you must be set to development mode. Click your name in the header bar, and choose User Settings > In Development.


  1. Create a Staff Access Level of type  'Chapter Staff - In development'.  See Create a New Staff Access Level. We recommend the following settings for this access level:
    • System Default = None
    • Contacts = Full Control
    • Memberships = View
    • Communications = View
    • Info Hub = Full Control
    • All other areas are System Default (None)

  2. Add the Chapter Owner as a staff member and assign he/she the access level created above. See Add a Staff Member.

  3. For the desired chapter, assign this individual as the owner of the chapter. See Add Owners to Chapters.

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