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Accepted Practices Mode (AP Mode)
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Accepted Practices Mode (AP Mode) is a restricted mode that can be set in your database to ensure that changes that would negatively impact your account reconciliation cannot be performed.


An indicator that AP Mode is enabled will be displayed under your account information



The following functions are impacted when AP mode is enabled:


AP Mode Ability to Enable Run Upcoming Billing


When AP Mode is enabled, run Upcoming Billing can NOT be enabled until there is at least one period has been closed. This is especially important at the time of conversion to not mix converted transaction with new transactions. See Closing Accounting Periods for further information.


AP Mode Fee Items


In AP Mode no part of a fee item can be changed once it has been created. When changes to fee items occur your books can be thrown off. If changes are needed, a new Fee Item must be created. To make it easy to create a new fee item you can create a copy of an existing fee item. See Copy a Fee Item for more information. 


AP Mode - Edit Invoices


In AP Mode you will not be able to simply open an invoice to make changes as this is not accepted practice. If a change is needed to an invoice you will use the Edit Invoice function. See more: Edit and Invoice (AP Mode).


AP Mode - Transaction Deletion

In AP Mode you will not have the option to delete transactions. Only the Void option is available if applicable. 





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