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Not In CRM or Events Attendees Potential Contacts
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Events Attendees Potential Contacts

In the course of an event, you may have contacts registering that are not part of your member base. These contacts may be part of your community, or event attendees from outside your area. In any case, if you are not matching all the attendee registrations in an event (which is optional to do depending on the type of event), you may end up with "Contacts Not in CRM" or "Events Attendees Potential Contacts" type contact records.


These records are created when someone registers for an event and is not matched (on purpose or by omission) to an existing contact record.


A common scenario is when your organization is holding some kind of large, open to the public type event. Not all these contacts will be member candidates- many may be from out of the area, or simply be from your community. In this case, you will see them registered for the event, and they may have an invoice and/or payment attached to the event, but if you search the Contacts module you will not find them. These would be considered "Event Attendees Potential Contacts" and can be viewed by using that selection in the drop down filter.



Another possibility is that an event attendee registered using information not stored in their existing record, such as a nickname or a personal email not on file. Many of these types of Events Attendees Potential Contacts records can be resolved by matching registrants in your event.


Contacts Not In CRM

All Events Attendees Potential Contacts records are also Contacts Not in CRM records, but not all Contacts Not in CRM records are Events Attendees Potential Contacts records. A stand-alone Contacts Not in CRM record is commonly created when a membership application is not approved by a staff member and the "Delete Applicant" option is selected.


To view all Contacts Not in CRM records, use the  button and enable the "Contacts Not in CRM" option.This will display all Contacts Not in CRM contact records, including all Events Attendees Potential Contacts records.



Once you have filtered to the Contacts Not in CRM and/or Events Attendees Potential Contacts records, you can access and interact with their profile information, communication history, billing history, and anything else just like your member/prospect/affiliate/etc. records. If needed, you can covert a Contacts Not in CRM or Events Attendees Potential Contacts record to a full contact record by selecting the purple Actions button and selecting the "Convert to Contact" option.


If you need to merge a Contacts Not in CRM/Event Attendees Potential Contacts record with an existing contact record, use the "Convert to Contact" option and then perform the merge process.



IMPORTANT! Be VERY CAUTIOUS in deleting Contacts Not in CRM and/or Event Attendees Potential Contacts records! These records may contain communication, invoice, or payment data that could impact your data integrity if removed!



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