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Assign Member Access Level
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The actions that your members may perform via Info Hub are driven by the Access Level you have granted to them. By default, your new contacts will be given "View Only" access to the hub when you first set them up. "View Only" will allow the member to view the Info Hub, and update their own info, access their billing information, and pay bills. They would not, however, have rights to enter new hot deals, job posting, events, and so on. Click Here for further information on access levels. To assign the desired access level to a member:



  1. From the individual contact profile tab, click the ellipsis  next to the Edit Individual button, and select User Login.
  2. Select the User Access Level you wish to provide this user from the Access Level dropdown list. The default user access level (defined in Setup > Users > Login Settings) is displayed. This option provides the access level the individual has if the have an individual membership.
  3. If the user is affiliated to an organization(s), select the Access Level with Associated Organizations the user should have for each organization. NOTE: When the user accesses the Info Hub, if they have also been assigned a User Access Level above, they will given them the greater of the two access levels.
  4. Click Done.
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