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Create an Account from the Info Hub Login Screen
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In certain situations, you may not be sending an email to a user with instruction on creating their account. A user may have access the Info Hub log-in screen, or you may have directed a new applicant to the Info Hub after completion of the membership application. In this situation, the user can click the create an account button to create their user name and password.


NOTE: The option for users to create their own Info Hub account is only available if Allow Contacts to create their own accounts via the Info Hub is enabled under Setup > Login Settings. See Setup User Info Hub Login Settings.


  1. On the Info Hub log-in screen

  2. Click the Create an Account link.

  3. Enter First Name.
  4. Enter Last Name.
  5. Enter Email Address.
  6. Membership / Invoice # (Optional) - If you have included the additional validation method Require Membership Number or Invoice Number For Account Activation an additional text box will be displayed to require the user to enter Membership / Invoice #. When enabled, only a contact with an invoice number or membership number can create an account. This is most often used in cases where you do not want any non-member contacts creating hub accounts. See Setup User Info Hub Login Settings.
  7. Click Submit.


When a user creates a new account, the database will check both the last name and email (first name does not need to match):

  • If a match is found in the database for the email and last name, a create login email will be sent to the user. The user will receive the following notification in the browser "An activation email has been sent to you. Please check your inbox to complete your account setup. Back to Member Login". Within the email sent to the member, they will find a link to access the Create an Account screen.


  • If a match is not found, a notification will appear that an account cannot be created based on the email and last name provided.


NOTE: If you have enabled Require Membership Number or Invoice Number For Account Activation, if the system cannot find an invoice/membership, the message "We were unable to find that invoice/membership number. Please try entering it again or contact <your association name> for assistance."

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