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Update Related Businesses Information in the Info Hub
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A member may update related organization information via the Info Hub.


NOTE: In order for a member to update Related Businesses, they must have at a minimum Edit rights to Related Contact Info. See Setup InfoHub Access for details on access levels..


  1. Click My Info in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Related Businesses tab.

  3. To add a business logo, click the pencil icon next to the organization name. The pencil icon will appear when you dwell over the gray circle.
  4. Contact information: Click the   icon to add additional organization information. NOTE: You must have Create privileges to add new information.
  5. Click the   to edit existing information.
  6. Custom Fields: Any of the custom fields have you (a) created for your organizations (b) and chosen to display in the Info Hub, will be visible. If the custom fields have been set as read/write, the member will be able to change these fields.
  7. Click Save if changes have been made.
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