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Add a Coupon in the Info Hub
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Members may add coupons from within the Info Hub. Only users with Create access to web content will be able to add coupons.


NOTE: If you have renamed Coupons to your specific terminology, your custom terminology will be displayed. The instructions below use the system terminology.


  1. Click Coupons in the left-hand navigation.
  2. Click the   button.
    NOTE: The button is only available when a user has permissions to "create" web content or "edit" web content. If the user has rights to edit, they will only see the   adjacent to content they have entered.

  3. Configure the following:
    • Contact: The contact field will automatically be populated with the name of the user creating the coupon. This may be changed by selecting an alternate contact from the drop-down list.
    • Title: Enter a title for the Coupon. This title is displayed in the coupons list when viewed in the Info Hub or on your public web-site.
    • Tags: Enter desired tags. A website visitor will be able to see the tags that are applied to a web content post and be able to search and find based off of key words used in tags.
    • Description: Enter a description of the Coupon.
    • Search Description: Enter the description you wish to display when Coupons is searched on your public web-site.
    • Publish Start: Enter the date that you would like to start publishing this content.
    • Publish End:Enter the date that you would like to stop publishing this content.
    • Categories: Select the category to which this coupon belongs. Categories allow for organizing and filtering content on your public web-site and the Info Hub.
    • Custom Fields: If you have included custom fields for you content list, complete them as desired. In the image above we have included the Expire Date and the Promo Code custom fields. These fields are default.
    • Search Results Image: Upload the image that will be displayed in the search list for coupons. Only the search image may be added when the content items is first added. You can add additional images after saving the coupon. See Edit a Coupon for further instruction.
  4. Click Done.


After a user submits a web content, the staff member then has the ability to approve the web content. When the staff member approves the content, the user that submitted the content will receive an email notification stating the content was approved.

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