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Enabling Reports for Info Hub Access
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As of 6/7/2023 this feature is no longer available. This article is for legacy documentation only.


In order for Reports to be available in the Info Hub, we must enable the Show Reports in the Hub option and have View access for each affected module. For example, if someone needs to run a Contacts Report via the Info Hub, the access level would need to include a View permissions for the Contacts module.

Enabling Show Reports in the Hub 

  1. Click Setup in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click Info Hub Settings in the Website section.
  3. Scroll down to the Other Options section and enable the Show Reports in the Hub option.

  4. Click Save.

This will enable the display the reports from GrowthZone in the Info Hub to anyone with 'View' or higher permissions for Reports in their access level.


We also need to verify/enable access to the necessary GrowthZone modules for the contact, depending on which reports they may be allowed to run. This module-level access will allow contacts to run the reports they are allowed based on the module access given.

Verifying Module Access for Info Hub Reports

In the access level in which you are granting the reports access, enable the "Show All Areas" option at the bottom of the window.




This will display the back office module access levels. Set any necessary module access levels to "View". For this example, our contact needs to run Contact Reports and Event Reports; they will need View access in both these modules.



Best Practice: Set any/all System Default levels to either "None" or "View" and grant access to each area explicitly as needed.


Make changes/adjustments as needed and click Done.


In this way you can "silo" information access by creating specific access levels for specific reports in the Info Hub.

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