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Upload a Document Template
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If you have created a document template, you can upload it to the database.


  1. Click Setup in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click Document Generation Templates in the Document Generation section. A list of existing templates will be displayed.
  3. On the Document Generations Template screen, click the Add   button.
  4. In the Add Document Generation Template window:
    • Select the Template Type; this will determine where in the software the template will be available for use/selection. For example, document templates of type Invoice will only be available where billing functions are performed.
    • Enter a Name for the new template.
    • Click the Choose File button to navigate to your saved copy and upload.
  5. Click Done. You will now be able to choose this template where applicable.


NOTE: There must be a trigger action in GrowthZone to prompt the system to add merge fields when generating a document.


  • A Letter of Good Standing template generates the document when the "Create Letter/Document" action is selected in a contact record. 
  • A certificate of completion for a continuing education component is generated when the attendee is marked as attended in an event.
  • An invoice is created when the Run Upcoming Billing action is selected in the Billing module.

See "Add Merge Fields to a Document Template" for more information on adding merge fields.  








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