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REALTORS® Designations
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REALTORS® designations and certifications through NAR are specialized credentials for REALTORS®. Both designations and certifications are forms of real estate agent education that require real estate professionals to be active members of NAR. The difference between the two is that a designation requires annual dues, but a certification only requires an application fee without annual dues.


Designations are managed in M1. You cannot add additional NAR designations via the GrowthZone software


View REALTORS® Designations


  1. For the desired agent click the Real Estate tab. 
  2. Scroll to the Designations section. This section will display all designations published from M1 and the section is not editable.


When the designation status become inactive a designation code of N is sent to GrowthZone. The designation will be removed from the NAR Designations section.

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