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Unsubscribed Lists/Committees Report
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The Unsubscribed Lists/Committees Report will provide you with a comprehensive list of contacts who have unsubscribed from list/committee(s). This report can be used to identify contacts who should be deactivated from lists/committee(s). Add a summary filter of Contact name to view each contact and the list/committees that they belong to.

  1. Click Reports in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click Unsubscribed Lists/Committee Report.
  3. Select the desired filters for your report. For Example: If you wish to view results for select lists/committees choose from the Lists/Committees drop-down list.
  4. Add Additional Filter/Criteria you wish. For Example: If you wish to view contacts whose membership status is active, add Contact Membership Status = Active.
  5. Select the fields to display you wish to include in the report. For example: You may wish to include the Contact Membership Status, to help in identifying contacts that no longer have active memberships.
  6. (Optional) Select a Summarize By option. If you are running the report for all lists/committees you may wish to summarize by the lists/committees.
  7. Click Run Report.


See the following for Common Report Functions:

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