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FLEX - Reactivate an Agent
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It is expected that, over time, agents may be inactivated in the MLS but may need to be reactivated. To update your records in GrowthZone and Flex, this must be done by first going into FLEX and transferring the agent to the appropriate office. Then you will perform the steps below to transfer the agent in GrowthZone.



Before performing any of the following steps, go to the Real Estate tab of the agent and turn off the "Sync with MLS" option. This will ensure that a sync does not occur in the middle of the change and send partial info, resulting in an error.


On the agent's Overview Tab:

  • Update contact information: edit or add any new email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Update membership(s): depending on your policies and/or the status of the agent record, add or reactivate the agent's membership(s) as needed.
  • Link to Office: using the standard GrowthZone procedure, link the agent to the new office. See Link an Individual to additional Business/Organization for instructions.

On the agent's More Info Tab, update any necessary information.
On the agent's Real Estate tab:

  • Update any M1 Information as needed.

IMPORTANT! If the agent has been in the FlexMLS system previously, DO NOT request a new Tech ID or create a new ShortID or Login; these carry over to new offices when the agent transfers.  FlexMLS syncs every 5 minutes.
  • You may need to visit FlexMLS directly and obtain the agent Tech ID, Short ID and Login and copy/paste the ID to GZ.  This information can be found by running a full report in Flex. The ShortID and Login should be  available in the agents record, the Tech ID is also available in the agent "My Profile" page.
  • It may be a good practice to get in the habit of putting all of this information in the agent's "More Info" tab for future use. 
  • Update Lockbox information if needed.

 Once all the above steps have been performed, re-enable any disabled syncs and check the agent's Activity tab to make sure all systems have successfully synced.

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