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Send an Individual Email
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Emails may be sent to individual contacts (people or businesses) from multiple locations throughout the software. In this article we will cover the most common scenarios for sending an individual email:

  1. Using the "Send Email" option for a general email
  2. Using the "Send Email" option to send an invoice

Once the email process is initiated, the options are all the same in the Send Email window.


IMPORTANT: You can click directly on an email address to send an email, however, this will send the email from your default email program (for example: Outlook). This is fine, but the communication will NOT be recorded on the recipient's Communication tab in the database (unless you BCC the archive email address for your organization).



Image Sizes:  It is recommended to resize any images contained in an email prior to insertion, as images typically are not be restricted by display size. Anything equal to or larger than the width of a typical widescreen monitor (1920 pixels) is unnecessarily large. We recommend 1200 pixels maximum, but usually 600px width is sufficient for email.


Send a general Email to an individual contact



  1. Open the contact's profile
  2. Navigate to the contact's Communication tab and select the "Send Email" button.
  3. Once the email process is initiated, the options are all the same in the Send Email window.


Send an invoice Email to an individual contact 

Open the contact's profile

  1. Navigate to the contact's Billing tab and scroll down to the "Billing History" section.
  2. Locate the invoice you wish to send and click the button in the Actions column and select the "Send Invoice" option; this will attach the invoice to the email message.

Proceed to send the email as described in Send a General Email to an individual contact


Send Email Options

  1. In the Send Email window, fill in the relevant and appropriate fields:

    • Template: Select a Template if desired. Refer to Create and Manage Email Templates for details.
    • Drafts: If you are continuing an E-mail that you save as a draft, you can select it here. See Email Drafts for details.
    • From: Required. This is a drop-down containing staff users
    • To: Required. If you initiate the email from within a Contact Record, this will already be populated. You can add recipients by clicking in the Add To field and typing the name you want. The system will search on-the-fly and you can select the user when it appears in the list.
    • CC: Begin typing in this field to select the user you want to Cc on the email.
    • BCC: Begin typing in this field to select the user you want to Cc on the email.
    • Exclude Sending to Contacts on List: If you have selected a list from the Address Book and you wish to exclude certain contacts on the list from receiving the email, enter the desired email addresses. See Send a Mass E-Mail for further details about using the Address Book.
    • Subject: Required.
    • Category: Select a Category if desired. Refer to Communication Categories for details.
  2. Enter the text of the message. You have editing capabilities and are able to insert database fields if desired.
  3. Click Attach Files if necessary. See Send an Email Attachment for best practice information.
  4. Enter the Project name in the Project field if appropriate (requires the Projects/Tasks module.) This will record the email in the Communication Tab of the selected Project.
  5. View as Web Page: Select this option to provide an option to recipients, should their email program have difficulty, to view the email.
  6. Enter a Date/Time in the Delay Delivery Until field if appropriate. This allows you to compose an email at your convenience but not have it sent until the day you select.
  7. If you need to finish the message later, click Save Draft. See View Email Drafts and Send Draft Emails for more information on Email Drafts.
  8. If you are ready to send, click Send

The message will be recorded in the Contact's Communication Tab as well as the Communication Module.

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