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Enable Web Content Types
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GrowthZone has provided you with a variety of web content options. To use these, you must first enable the types that you wish to use.


  1. Click Web Content in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Add Common Lists button.
  3. Select the content types that you wish to enable on the Setup Common Content screen. NOTE: You may rename the lists to meet your business process. For Example: if you prefer you may change "Job Postings" to be listed as "Careers" instead of "Jobs".

  4. Click Done.


Once you refresh/reload the Web Content page, you will see that a new tab is created for each content type you add. If you have changed the name of the content lists, for example you have renamed Jobs to Careers, the tabs will reflect your customization. Once you have enabled web content list types, you can further configure those as described below.

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