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Configure Your Web Content Types
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Configure your Web Content Types

Additional configuration may be done on your web content types. You will be able to define where the web content is displayed, whether the public and/or members can submit, whether subscription to notifications is allowed, etc.


  1. Click Web Content in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Setup tab.
  3. Click the hyper-link for the web content type you wish to configure.
    • Subscription Notification Frequency: For those subscribed to this list, select when they will be notified of additions to the list. As It Happens provides an instant alert to the subscriber. Note: The database is seeded with three lists (Public Subscriptions for Hot DealsPublic Subscriptions for Job PostingsPublic Subscriptions for Blog Posts) to which you may allow members and the public to subscribe. When new web content is approved, the automated email message Web Content Published will be sent to those who have subscribed.
    • Category List: Select the category to which this list belongs. The category will be used for display on your web-page (For example, you could create a category for restaurants for Hot Deals; or a category called full-time for Job Postings), reporting and filtering. A new category may be created dynamically by clicking the + button.
    • Options: These options allow you to define whether members, public or both may view/add to this list.
      • Allow Public to Subscribe: Select this option if you wish to allow the general public to subscribe to this list. When selected, the public will be able to subscribe, and will become member of the public subscription lists (Public Subscriptions for Hot DealsPublic Subscriptions for Job PostingsPublic Subscriptions for Blog Posts) dependent on the type of content list you are creating. When you display the content list on your public web-site the link Subscribe to receive Hot Deals notifications! will be included on the page. See Public Subscription to Web Content for further details.
      • Visible in Info Hub: Select this option if you wish to display this list on Info Hub. If you are setting up Member to Member content, you would select this option and not selecting Allow Public Access option. When this option is selected the Optional Hub Icon field will be displayed. You may enter a a Font Awesome icon (Version 5) to be displayed on the navigation panel for this item in the Info Hub. For Example: Entering fa-shopping-basket will display a shopping basket in the Info Hub menu, as shown below. Visit the Font Awesome website for a complete list of icons. The icons you choose must be for supported FREE icons Version 5. Did you know...if you have enabled Show Public Web Content in your directory listing(s), this icon will be displayed on the member's directory listing. See Understanding Directory Display Settings for further information.
      • Allow Info Hub Users to Submit: Select this option if you wish to allow your members to submit content for this list. If selected, a button will be displayed on Info Hub to allow them to do so. Dependent on the access level granted to the member, the content may be automatically approved or require approval from the back office.
      • Custom Fields: Default custom field will be displayed. These will vary dependent on the web content type you are working with. You can remove these fields and add additional custom fields as needed.
  4. Once you have completed all of the configuration for your web content type, click Done.
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