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Set Pricing for Web Content
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To generate non-dues revenue, you may choose to charge for certain web content types, for example, job postings. First you will setup your content list type to include publishing packages.

To setup pricing:


  1. In the Web Content Module, select the Setup tab
  2. Choose or create a new content list as described in Add A New Content Type List
  3. In the Publishing Packages section, click the .
    Publishing Packages
  4. On the Add Content List Publishing Package screen:
    • Fee Item: Select a previously created Fee Item to assign to this item. The price will automatically be populated with the default. This can be over-written as needed. IMPORTANT: Fee Item must be setup of type Non-dues or Miscellaneous
    • Name: Enter the name of this publish option. This will display publicly where web content items are submitted.
    • Published Duration (Days): Enter the number of days a web content item will be published if this pricing option is selected. NOTE: This will pre-pend the name of the publish option.
  5. Click Done. Repeat the steps above to add additional submission options.


Now you can configure your web content list as in Add Job Postings (or see instructions specific to the type of web content you wish to charge for) and the publishing package created for the content list will apply.


Did you know...If you do not wish to charge your members, you can still use the Publishing Packages option to limit the length of time an item is published. Simply setup a Publishing Package with no pricing.
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