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Add a New Membership Type
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  1. Click Setup in the Navigation panel
  2. Click Types in the Memberships section. A list of membership types currently setup in your system will be displayed

  3. Click the Add button.

On the Add Membership Type screen, configure the following:


  • Membership Name: Enter a name for the new membership type. This is the name that will appear on you member application, as well as within in the database where you may choose a membership type, filter by membership type, report on membership type, etc.
  • Inheritance Type: This selection allows you to determine if an organization membership should be inherited by the staff of that organization. Choose Full Inheritance if staff should benefit from the membership. Choose Owner Only if the staff should not benefit from the membership. View our How it Works tutorial for more details. What does it mean if staff does not benefit? The staff member will be listed as non-member and he/she would not benefit from things that you may offer based on membership type (i.e. event registrations)
  • TermLength: Enter the duration of this membership, in months. The default is set to 12 months
  • Owned By: This setting allows you to set this membership type as either organization or individual level. If Business is selected, invoices will billed to the organization; if Individual is selected; invoices will be billed to the individual. This setting will also drive where the membership type can be selected in the database.
  • Category: Membership Categories provide a way to further filter and report on your membership types.  Select a Membership Category from the drop-down list, or click the plus sign to add a new membership category
  • Is Active: Enable this option to activate the Membership Type. Best practice, when no longer using a Membership Type, is to de-activate

Membership Type Renewal Options

  • Renewal Pricing: This setting allows you to indicate if pricing for recurring membership dues will automatically  be updated when pricing changes are made. Chose Recalculate Price if you do want pricing to automatically be updated. See Manage Membership Recalculated Pricing for further information.
  • End Type:
    • Manually Ended: Select this option if you wish to manually drop a member if their membership invoice is not paid
    • Automatically Expires: When this option is selected enter the Grace Period. 
  • Renew Everyone On: This setting allows you to establish the renewal date to be applied to all members. The default is On Anniversary Date.  The membership Setting "Enforce Date Rules on Fixed Renewal Month Memberships" will drive whether changes can be made to fixed renewal dates. See Global Membership Settings for more details

Membership Type Automation

  • New Membership Project: If you are subscribed to the Projects/Tasks module, you are able to have a specific project template automatically applied when a membership is activated. This can save staff time from having to remember to apply a project to each new member.

  • Renewal Project: If you are subscribed to the Projects/Tasks module, you are able to have a specific project template automatically applied when a membership is renewed. This can save staff time from having to remember to apply a project to each new member

  • Add to List: Specify the list to which you wish to add new members. For example: You may wish to create a New Members list then use this list for Marketing Automation.

  • Description: Provide description of the membership type. This description may be displayed on your web-site. You may use the standard word processing icons (i.e. bolding, italicizing, etc.) to format the text. You may also add images and/or links to the description.


Once you have created your membership types, you may wish to:

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