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Dashboard - Action Center
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The Action Center tab displays a variety of charts and metrics providing an at a glance view of your organization, including a Quick Looks widget, a Favorite Reports widget, and various customizable Metrics widgets.

The Action Center tab on the GrowthZone Dashboard.

Quick Look and Favorite Reports Widgets


Quick Look

The Quick Look widget makes it easy to know whether incoming items need your attention.

The Quick Look widget, displaying Web Content items and Events that need approval.

Pending Membership applications, Web Content items, and submitted Events will display here for those who have permissions to approve them. Simply click the blue Approve/Deny link to be taken to the location where you can review and approve these items.


Favorite Reports

The Favorite Reports widget will display a list of your favorited reports.

The Favorite Reports widget, showing a list of favorited reports.
  • To access them, simply click the "play" icon screenshot for the report you wish to run. The report will open and you can adjust any settings/criteria before clicking "Run Report".
  • If you no longer need it as a favorite, click the "X" icon screenshot to remove the report.
  • To add a new favorite report to the widget:
    1. Go to your Reports module in the left-hand menu or click the "Go to full list" icon.
    2. Find the desired report, open it, and select "Add as a Favorite Report". It will then display in the Favorite Reports widget.


Metrics Widgets

Most widgets allow you to modify the settings for the widget, such as the name of the widget, the duration of the widget, the graph type of the widget's metrics, and more.



Widget settings will vary per widget. You can customize the display and placement of these widgets on your Dashboard according to your needs; each person's Dashboard is unique.


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