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Create a New Info Hub Access Level for Members
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  1. In the Navigation panel, select Setup.
  2. Click End User Setup in the Staff and Users Access section. The End Users Access Level tab  will display a list of the pre-configured Access Levels, and the number of people assigned to each level. You may view the permissions that are associated to a particular level by clicking the hyper-link. You will see a list of each of the main functions of the database, and the access level granted. The Users column displays the number of users assigned to the access level. To view a list of the users click the numbered hyperlink; to edit an existing level click the edit pencil.
  3. To create a new member access level, click the ADD button.
    Creating a new member access level
  • Enter a Name for the new member Access Level. Best practice is to provide a name that at a glance tells you what the access level is for.
  • Set the desired access. By default the overall Info Hub access level is set to view; you may select a different option from the Access Level drop-down list OR you can individually assign access to each area of the Info Hub (this is actually best practice). For Example: you may wish to setup an access level that provides an individual access to update and manage their own account information, but not the organization account information. In this case, you would set Individual Account Info to Edit and set Organization Account Info to None. Or, if you wish to hide certain items from this access level, for example Resources, you would set Resources to None

    NOTE: If you enable the "Show All Areas" option, the display will include staff-level access permissions to the back office. The "System Default" option for user/member access should be set to "None", to disable any members from potentially gaining access to the back office.
  • Once all selections have been made, click Done.


NOTE: The My Info page in the Info Hub contains multiple tabs. The access to these tabs may be controlled individually:

  • Contact Info: This tab displays contact information for the individual logged into the Info Hub. Access to this is controlled by the Contact Info setting.
  • Membership: This tab displays the individual's membership, and is controlled by the Membership setting. However, if the individual does not have access to the Organization Account Info the pricing information for the membership will not display.
  • Account: This tab displays billing information. You can control an individuals access to individual billing and organization billing information by the Individual Account Info and the Organization Account Info settings. Note also, a user must have at least View rights to store and edit credit card information.
  • Related Businesses: The Related Business tab displays the business (organization) to which the individual is related. An individual with appropriate access may update company information, etc. on this tab. This tab is controlled by the Related Contact Info setting.
  • Related Contacts: This tab displays the individual contacts associated to a business. This tab is controlled by the Related Contact Info setting.
  • Refer Others: This tab is controlled by the Referrals setting. The display of the tab and the ability to refer others is controlled by whether this setting is set to Edit or None.
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