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Manage Invoices for Upcoming (Recurring) Billing
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In the Billing module, the Upcoming Billing tab displays a list of all members with recurring billing (i.e. recurring membership dues) set on the Billing Tab. Refer to the Guide to Running Upcoming Billing for best practices prior to generating your invoices. 



NOTE: If you are changing pricing prior to running Upcoming Billing, please refer to Manage Membership Recalculated Pricing prior to beginning the following steps.



IMPORTANT: The Run Upcoming Billing function must be enabled by GrowthZone. If Run Upcoming Billing is not enabled, you will see the message "Ability to run upcoming billing is disabled for your safety. Please complete your billing setup then contact GrowthZone Customer Service for validation of your setup and to have it enabled. To complete your billing setup click here". The foundational pieces of your billing setup include setting up your Chart of Accounts and your Fee Items. 



IMPORTANT: If you have enabled Automated Scheduled Billing it is NOT necessary to manually run your upcoming billing. See Setup System to Automatically Generate Invoices for Scheduled Billing for further information.


  1. Click Billing in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the Upcoming Billing tab.


  3. Select the month for which you wish to run upcoming billing from the Show Only list. Once you have selected a month, Run Upcoming Billing will now be available.


  4. (Optional) Add additional filters by clicking Customize Results. By adding filters you are able to manage the list of invoices to be used for upcoming billing.



    Be careful when using the Frequency, Fee Item Type, and Payment Profiles options. Certain combinations of filters- for example, specifying a Fee Item Type of Membership Dues in conjunction with the Has Payment Profile Assigned option- may result in "orphaned" fee items (like Voluntary Fees) that end up not being generated on invoices as expected.
    If you want to run billing in advance and not charge your members with autopay enabled on the day the invoices are run (i.e. Has Payment Profile Assigned), make sure you enable Invoice Before Autopay in your Finance General Settings. With this setting enabled, you will not need to separate out members that have payment profiles vs members that do not; invoices will be generated as expected, and members with autopay set up will be charged automatically ON THE DAY THE INVOICE IS DUE.


  5. Click the Arrow button and select Run Upcoming BillingNOTE: The Run Upcoming Billing option will not be clickable until you have selected a month from the Show Only list. Applying filtering options allows you to limit the list of invoices that need to be created. Only those invoices displayed, based on your filters, will be included when you run your upcoming billing. At a minimum a month must be selected from the Show Only options to enable the run upcoming billing option.
  6. Review the summary of Invoices to Create. This summary is generated based on the list of invoices as you have them filtered. If you have NOT enabled Invoice before Autopayment, you will be notified that any invoices with stored payment profiles will automatically be charged. You will need to check Members will be charged immediately when you click "Run". This confirms that you understand that in running this upcoming billing you will be charging the members stored profile immediately. If you do not wish to charge a members card during this run, go back to step 4 to filter out those with a payment profile.


  7. (Optional) Click the Advanced Options to enter Invoice Overrides. You may override the following
    1. Invoice Date: By default the invoice date for upcoming billing is the Next Bill Date. 
    2. Due Date: By default the Due Date is the term that you have configured under your Finance General Settings
    3. Invoice Template: By default the system will use either the invoice template you have selected under Finance General Settings or the template you have selected at the Fee Item level.
    4. Message: By default the system will use the message you have defined for the invoices
    5. Scheduled Payment Date: By default the system will use the Next Bill Date as the date to charge stored payment profiles.
  8. Click Run. This will immediately generate invoices.


Invoices will be created, and you will be able to deliver these from the Pending Delivery tab. See Deliver Invoices for instructions. Those with associated payment profiles will automatically be charged. 


Here is the order for how the invoice template is selected when running scheduled billing

  1. Membership type invoice template

  2. Good/service invoice template

  3. Finance settings default invoice template


Best practice for managing invoicing for contacts with Stored Payment Profiles is to enable the Invoice Before Autopayment General Finance setting. With this setting enabled, when you generate your invoices, invoices for those with a payment profile attached will be created. The invoice will then be automatically paid on the next bill date.


If this setting is NOT enabled, when invoices are generated for members who have stored payment profiles, and have agreed to automatic charges, THE DAY INVOICES ARE GENERATED IS THE DAY THAT THE CARD WILL BE CHARGED.  


An Automated Message (Auto Payment Receipt) will be sent to the member when the payment is processed. Additionally, an automated message (Growth Zone Pay Charge Failed) notification will be sent to the member if the charge fails. In this email, there is a link for the contact to go and pay/update their payment information.



Staff members who have subscribed to the Auto-payment Failed notification will also receive an email.



NOTE: An attempt will be made to charge the account again every 24 hours for five days when a card or bank account has failed.
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