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Add Steps to Your Workflow

The workflow steps allow you to to build a campaign workflow by defining specific emails that will be sent under this program, including the sequence of the communication and time frame between each communication. 1. On the **Marketing Automation** screen, select the **Workflow** to which you wish to add steps and …

Definitions of Workflow Step Types

* **Wait**: This option will allow you to pause your work flow for a number of months, weeks, days. For example, if you are creating a new member onboarding workflow, you may wish to wait a certain number of days between your initial email, and a follow-up email. ![screenshot][1] Options for the Wait step type …

Creating a New Workflow

Before creating a workflow, be sure to complete the [prerequisites][1]: * For each workflow, you will need to create the desired email templates to be used in your campaign. See **[Create and Manage Email Templates][2]**. * For each workflow, you will need to specify/create the desired lists/committees as needed.…

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